Feb 23

Hmmm… so much for the going pretty well.

Joshua started vomiting at 6pm last night, and has kept going since. Not the greatest of nights sleep for anyone involved. We thought we’d gotten it sorted but then, off we went again.

Since it seems every time something goes down, it comes back up, I think its a bug – and there will be no more things going down until tomorrow. Then we’ll try again. Cross fingers its a bug, not a reaction to any of his medications (both the hydromorphone and the midazolam can have the effect of nausea… and Joshua does have a nasty habit of having reactions to stuff he shouldn’t!).

Thank god for emesis bags, because were on our third set of sheets and covers – without them we’d be ripping up carpet and the washing machine would have been asking for overtime pay and penal rates!


Feb 26: UPDATE : Nope – Opioid induced constipation, not a bug. Poor guy. Measures to rectify are somewhat… err… extreme.

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