July 29

 This morning is all going as it should. Josh is back in the OR as I write and should be under by this point as they settle him in to position and get the neuro equipment programmed. 

I’m sitting outside with my coffee getting a little fresh air while I can. Breakfast soon.

A much better result after a disaster last night when we were left in discharge for over 2 hours, forgotten about and eventually we walked ourselves up to our room on the 7th floor. It made for a long, long tense day.  (I’m annoyed with being bumped but not angry – there’s a kids parents sitting somewhere upstairs very glad their trauma case went to the head of the line. I’m angry at how the ball got dropped elsewhere.)

There have been words, and apologies, and no doubt I’ll hear from someone a little higher up at some point today.

But, I’ve bigger things to worry about for the moment….