August 10


The last day of ‘summer’ usually is somewhat bittersweet for any person still involved in schooling.  The last day of sleeping in, doing nothing, playing around, soaking in the sun, leisurely meals or coffees on the porch with no looming deadline of ‘have to be somewhere now‘. 

This year is particularly bitter versus sweet as tomorrow is not just Joshua’s first day of High School, but his first day also of radiation and chemotherapy. The first day of the next leg of the journey to kill this thing growing in Joshua’s head.

But today we’ll prep just like everyone else: washing clothes, packing supplies… replacing the duct tape holding the laptop together… 🙂 We will just have to add a couple of extra things to do: prepping meds for the next week, cleaning and packing supplies in to the car for the trips everyday to Children’s Hospital (or more exactly University Hospital Oncology), prepping bath and bedrooms just in case nausea hits really badly… 

But first, it’s a beautiful day we might go rejoice in it for a little bit … Won’t be quite as nice as the view of the mountain meadow in the picture though 🙂