August 16

The first week of radiation and chemo AND high school is done!So far, Joshua is none the worse off for any of it all, except for the definite need for an afternoon nap… No matter how he tries to deny it! Momma knows best!

We had our interview with Make a Wish on Saturday, and now Joshua’s wish goes to the committee for review. Nicole and Barbara, it was very nice to meet you both! 

This week will see us to Oncology, where Joshua will have his first Cetuximab infusion. This will be the longest of them all as they go super slow in case he reacts to it. So it won’t be a quick radiation visit on Monday. Then our regular routine through the week until Friday where we get to add a trip to the airport to pick up Aunty Tania! 

Thank you, EVERYONE, for your donations. From those of you who have donated at the Go Fund Me or Give a Little pages, to those who have donated time in the form of meals to help us out, to those who have donated good thoughts and wishes our way! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!