August 20

This week has been… Interesting.

Joshua ended up off school Tuesday and pretty much all of Wednesday too. Just feeling generally crappy – slept for about another 4 hours both days.

Organizationally, I, on the other hand have apparently been a bit of a mess. Forgotten handbags with phones in them (of course when Joshua and the school were trying to contact me), then today a flat tire when I was already running late because of work and forgetting my wallet. 

Finding out this was the first of four tires about to fail did not make my day.  Discount Tire got me hooked up with my spare and have 4 tires aside to fit first thing tomorrow. I’d planned on new tires by the end of Autumn, but all this driving meant that ‘end of autumn’ arrived much, much sooner after at least tripling my daily mileage.

Aunty Tania arrives from New Zealand tomorrow, then on the way home from the airport is radiation and clinic.

We would like to give a shout out to some folks at ICS  Denver – Shane and Julie, Dorothy and Rob, Kami, Patricia and Levi who have helped us with meals the last couple of weeks. And also to the management at ICS who have booked a photographer to take the family photos Joshua had put on his bucket list.

We’d also like to thank  Dr Lynelle Zabel , Tony’s dentist who out of the blue donated to us a pair of Broncos tickets. We decided Joshua and Aunty Tania get to enjoy those!

And we have to thank all of you have donated to Joshua’s bucket list funds – a drive in a Lamborghini and a hot air balloon are on their way!! We have been absolutely humbled by the support from strangers willing to help us make experiences available to Joshua.