August 30th

We are at the end of the third week of Chemo and radiation. The infusion has had the unfortunate side effect of acne pustules all over Joshua’s face. So we’ll be asking about what to do about that at tomorrows infusion. Otherwise, Joshua is getting tired and somewhat crabby when he’s not had enough rest.

Aunty Tania has been hunting down things to do left and right, and helping out with meals (thanks sis!) and thanks to Julia Bechtel’s wonderfully kind donation of her truck for Tony to use for a bit, Tania has some wheels to help out with taking Joshua over to radiation a couple of days a week. Hopefully she will take some time to sightsee a bit in Denver while she’s here, too – she jumped from a big project to helping us for a few weeks.

It seems strange to say it will be a bit of same ‘ol same’ol this week. But we are starting to get into a sort of routine with it all.

We’d like to thank Highlands Ranch Dental Care for the pair of tickets that took Tania and Joshua off to see the Bronco’s / 49’ers game last night. They got to go down on to the field before the game and see warm ups too.