September 21

6 radiation appointments to go. 

Joshua was supposed to finish this week, but a machine out of order and Labor Day tacked on 2 more days so next Monday the 28th will be the new final date. 

Then it’s some more of that sitting and waiting that we’ve become so irritated with for a new MRI on October 26th. It’s going to be a long, long month waiting to see if the radiation/chemo/cetuximab combo has halted the tumor growth.  

Obviously, our preferred outcome is ‘yes, yes it did’ and that’s all she wrote on the whole issue of having a brain tumor. But, being realistic folks, we are planning for something in the middle of best and worst case scenarios. I think to take any other view would either be a bit reckless or alternatively, rather fatalistic.

Had a nice day for taking a jaunt up in to the mountains with PopPop yesterday. The trees are starting to turn a startling shade of yellow, but only the barest hints of red for the moment. We had a nice lunch at Breckenridge Brewery and completed the loop by heading home via FairPlay – not my wisest navigating decision since we ended up in bumper to bumper traffic up the Kenosha Pass.