October 26

Little bit of a banner day…

4 weeks post radiation MRI results are in.

After 13 weeks since the last MRI, 7 weeks of radiation /chemo the MRI looks as good as you could possibly hope. No regrowth and the spot they were uncertain of is resolving. The big ‘shark bite’ hole is almost no more.

image  image

We really we really can’t ask for anything more.

October 17 – Ballooning over Chatfield

Thank you, Gery and Fantasy Balloons for making this Bucket List experience happen!

Photos don’t really do justice to the magnificence of the cold, crisp morning, with very little breeze, a beautiful sunrise and Airmen raring to get their balloons in the air!

I have so many amazing photos, I could make this post a mile long – I think I’m going to have to get some printed on canvas for Joshua’s bedroom walls! (Please click the smaller pictures to see the big ones, they really look awesome.)








balloon final