Nov 11

Joshua was invited to learn how to handle a handgun at the Colorado State Troopers Range. Thanks you to Master Trooper Lawrence for taking the time to show Joshua how to do this the right way!





November 2.1

I have a .1 to add to today’s date …

James was interviewed by Kevin Torres and Anne Herbst this afternoon for a community piece by Fox 31 /

James interviewed   Joshua interviewed

The segment will be on tonight’s 9pm/10pm news. They asked Joshua to be involved as well, so not only will you get to meet the accomplished James, you’ll also get to meet Joshua, too. (I’m really hoping we don’t look like total ‘newbs’ as Joshua would say!)

I’ll post a link / video as soon as I can find it!

UPDATE: story link


November 2

Today Joshua got to go flying again… A little higher and faster this time.

James, as a wee guy, was found to have a benign brain tumor which they removed as much of as they could. 10+years later James is 17 and has just completed his solo pilots license! He and his family asked if they could take Joshua up on a flight over Denver once James had logged in all his hours, and Joshua was pretty keen to say YES!

James and josh3James and josh1

So today was the day, and you couldn’t have asked for a better one – clear and cloudless (we so have the weather gods on our side lately!). We got even more of a surprise when we found out The Briggs family… they are from Australia! Antipodeans unite!

James and josh5James and josh4 

They took up a 2 seater Cessna and went up for an hour. Apparently, James is pretty good with this flying thing – Joshua said there was barely a bump! Two smiling faces exited the plane.

James and josh2

Thank you so much James, Chris and the Briggs family!