Feb 28.2

This one is for Joshua in a way, but about me, Debbie, Joshua’s Mum.

Joshua’s had to spend a long time with very little hair (his racing stripe’s finally starting to grow back in), so as part of the St Baldrick’s Foundation annual Shaving event, I’m going to raise funds for Childhood Cancer Research and on the Sunday we will be spending in NZ celebrating Joshua’s birthday, he’s going to get to shave my hair for a good cause.

If you would like to to donate (even a small amount is appreciated!) to a highly underfunded section of the Cancer Community – CHILDREN’S CANCER – please click this link and donate.

If you are also participating – wherever in the world you might be – Please feel free to add Joshua to your list of honorees! 

Feb 28

The Gazette in Colorado Spring were invited out to Fort Carson on Wednesday too.

You can read about it Here.


And the KDRO story was picked up in many Military Installation areas (I think, but GA, Jacksonville, Louisiana etc. That is so Amazing!!

Feb 24.2 Fort Carson

Joshua started being inducted into the Unit as a private

He then did a ride along with the MP’s culminating in a Dog chase by the canine unit of his ‘suspect’.

Then he got to go to the tank simulator. The crews there were impressed – he did pretty well on the electronic simulations!

Then for a walk through the motor pool and the Bradley tanks.

Lunch and another new rank so he could then head to the airfield and the Black Hawk simulators!

Then it was off to Parade Inspection – there all the different tanks put on a full Parade Inspection showing Joshua all the equipment within their tanks and a full walk through of each different group.

Then the big beast! A tour out on to the training field in an M1 Abrams tank. Joshua was in ALT! They took him out for longer than expected and he was glowing afterwards.

From there it was to the Master Sergeants Club and to meet the other members of the club he’s just raised in to. He also got the met the Camp Commander who congratulated him on his meteorically fast rise to the highest enlisted man possible!

Thank you Fort Carson. You made a young mans dreams come true today!

Im missing photos from the airfield and Club


Feb 24

Today, Joshua got to spend the day at Ft Carson doing an enormous amount of things… the highlight being the one thing on his bucket list we really didn’t think was going to be able to happen – Riding in a tank.

An Abrams Tank, to be exact.

I’m going to work on the full list of all the things the very generous men and women at Fort Carson escorted Joshua through today – it truly was an amazing and very humbling experience.