Jan 4

Well,  Jan 4 became Jan5 and somewhere in the middle there was supposed to be some sleep.

But an out of the blue, Grand Mal seizure put paid to that.

We fought hard for Joshua to be off the anti seizure medication, Keppra. He got a classic case of KepRage when on the medication, and since we’d seen no sign of any seizure activity (quite astonishing in it self for such a major right temporal tumor location) he’s been off it for nearly a year.

I have to say it scared the crap out of us all, but it’s become the evening we have to laugh about.

First all the plugs in the kitchen decided to stop. Just out of the blue. Okay, not a worry, we’ll call our friendly electrician to pop round on the weekend – meantime, relocate that Keurig please! Momma needs her coffee!

So off to bed we go (all the rest of the kitchen worked, just not the plugs for the jug etc) after dinner, then just as we’re all nodding off I hear Joshua. Since it was day one of the second set of Carboplatin/Etoposide I thought he was vomiting. Turns out I was wrong.

Once the lights went on it was obvious he was in the middle of a Grand Mal siezure. Tony ran for his phone (as did Tania) but on the way back down the hall melted down the doorway and hit the floor with a pretty massive thump. We still can’t figure out if it was the getting up to fast, the shock or what, but TIIIMMBBBEEERR! And down he went.

I’d been trying to hold the covers so Joshua wouldn’t fall off the bed (without ‘holding him’), and have to rush to pick up the phone and carry on with 911 while Tania picked Tony up. What felt about a minute later (The firehouse is about 2mins away), the paramedics turned up.

I of course am still trying to deal with the situation in my knickers and a more off than on shirt…. Ah yeah. Great.

Did I mention, Coldest night of the year, snow storm and 0*f out.. (about -18 for those in celcius).

Theres more to the story, but that involves a bathroom – I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go there 🙂

So I get a ride in the truck to the ER (& thats a whole other story, I’m still not sure why we were there so long, the ER was almost empty), and Tania gets a crash course in driving in a snow storm as she drives Tony in to the ER behind us.

Xrays (back pain after the siezure), fluids, anti-siezure meds and finally at 5.30 we get to go home… only to have to turn around for an 8.30am appointment at the Highlands Ranch Hospital for his regular scheduled Chemo.

So somehow Wednesday became Thursday… or we might still be Wednesday? I’m not quite sure! LOL

And so yeah, we have to laugh about things sometimes so here’s a video of Aunty Tania in the ER waiting room…

Aunty Tania Snoring Away