Feb 13

And Life Changes Again.

You know when you see the romcom movie with the hero riding on his horse behind the perfectly presented girl who pulls aside the branch only to let it go to smack in to our hapless hero’s face… Well, last week was the pile of horse shit that our hapless hero landed in followed by the rose bush he then got dragged through.

Until now it’s been hard to tell anything was wrong with Joshua other than no hair and a big scar. His doctors have been amazed at how well functioning he’s been until this point. It’s pretty unusual.

But that changed last week.

His tumors are progressing rapidly and, to put it baldly, his MRI looks like swiss cheese he has so much tumor present. And now, 18 months on, Joshua has reached the point that symptoms and physical changes are coming rapidly. So far; short term memory loss, varying types of seizures, 6th nerve loss in the face (he sounds as if he’s had a stroke) and progressive numbness to the left arm and the left leg should follow.

Doctors have warned us that we could be looking at a matter of days, weeks, but most likely not months.

We were to start the CDK4/6 study today, but Joshua has decided not to proceed. This means we can now do all we can (pain pumps, weed etc etc) to keep him comfortable and happy for this last period.

If you do try contact us, please be patient. We’ve got a lot on our plate currently.





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  1. Lost track of you since you moved. But have still checked in here often. So sorry to hear this latest post. Will keep you three and all the extended family in my prayers. I wish I had words of comfort or wisdom.

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