Mar 16 – Memorial Service

Joshua’s Memorial Service will be held Tuesday March 21st at 2.30pm. A small reception will follow at the venue.

Horan & McConaty Chapel
1091 S. Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80246

In lieu of flowers, we will be taking donations to add to the remaining funds from his Go Fund Me and donating them directly to GBM research (most likely the Morgan Adams Foundation.)

1 thought on “Mar 16 – Memorial Service”

  1. We are so sad to hear about Joshua. Our heart hurts for you both and your family because we have a 15 year old at home too and can not imagine what you are experiencing. Life was cut short for Josh and you two are left to pick up the pieces. Allow all the LOVE that everyone has for your family comfort you at this time.

    You are in our Heart thoughts and Prayers.

    Eric Sharon Sophie and Ellie

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