Jan 29

Been an ‘at home’ weekend this weekend. Joshua has a case of the pukes.

It’s strange to think “I hope its a tummy bug” vs the usual ” Oh god, I REALLY hope this isn’t the bug going around”.

Tattoo’s aren’t healed up yet, but here’s what Tony and mine looked like just finished

Sept 8

Unexpectedly Joshua got to attend the Broncos opener concert downtown in the VIP section.

One of his bucket list items was to see the home grown (CO) group One Republic. Not quite a full Concert, but it was kind of awesome as it was lovely and sunny and there were all sorts of other things happening too!


Aug 20 Tattoo

Joshua had a small window where he was off Avastin long enough to have his port replaced that he had a 2 day window to get the tattoo on his bucket list knocked off.

Mum designed it:

Certified Customs are one of the few shops in town that will work on a minor with parental permission.

Spencer Reisbeck was supposed to do the tattoo and worked on refining the design, but got caught with his last client, so Bryan Leonard did the actual ink.

Now just for Tony and Debbie to get theirs done to match!

Make A Wish NZ Trip March/April

Feb 24.2 Fort Carson

Joshua started being inducted into the Unit as a private

He then did a ride along with the MP’s culminating in a Dog chase by the canine unit of his ‘suspect’.

Then he got to go to the tank simulator. The crews there were impressed – he did pretty well on the electronic simulations!

Then for a walk through the motor pool and the Bradley tanks.

Lunch and another new rank so he could then head to the airfield and the Black Hawk simulators!

Then it was off to Parade Inspection – there all the different tanks put on a full Parade Inspection showing Joshua all the equipment within their tanks and a full walk through of each different group.

Then the big beast! A tour out on to the training field in an M1 Abrams tank. Joshua was in ALT! They took him out for longer than expected and he was glowing afterwards.

From there it was to the Master Sergeants Club and to meet the other members of the club he’s just raised in to. He also got the met the Camp Commander who congratulated him on his meteorically fast rise to the highest enlisted man possible!

Thank you Fort Carson. You made a young mans dreams come true today!

Im missing photos from the airfield and Club


November 2

Today Joshua got to go flying again… A little higher and faster this time.

James, as a wee guy, was found to have a benign brain tumor which they removed as much of as they could. 10+years later James is 17 and has just completed his solo pilots license! He and his family asked if they could take Joshua up on a flight over Denver once James had logged in all his hours, and Joshua was pretty keen to say YES!

James and josh3James and josh1

So today was the day, and you couldn’t have asked for a better one – clear and cloudless (we so have the weather gods on our side lately!). We got even more of a surprise when we found out The Briggs family… they are from Australia! Antipodeans unite!

James and josh5James and josh4 

They took up a 2 seater Cessna and went up for an hour. Apparently, James is pretty good with this flying thing – Joshua said there was barely a bump! Two smiling faces exited the plane.

James and josh2

Thank you so much James, Chris and the Briggs family!



October 17 – Ballooning over Chatfield

Thank you, Gery and Fantasy Balloons for making this Bucket List experience happen!

Photos don’t really do justice to the magnificence of the cold, crisp morning, with very little breeze, a beautiful sunrise and Airmen raring to get their balloons in the air!

I have so many amazing photos, I could make this post a mile long – I think I’m going to have to get some printed on canvas for Joshua’s bedroom walls! (Please click the smaller pictures to see the big ones, they really look awesome.)








balloon final