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1/2017 UPDATE: We’re not quite sure what changes the CDK4/6 study will bring for the next few months. Debbie is only working 2 days a week with Tony doing those days as telecommutes. All study participation will be back to the Main Aurora campus which means back to the 45mile round trips daily. We do use Hello Fresh frequently (means fresh food, but no grocery shopping, yay!).


Many, many people – from around the USA and New Zealand – have asked how they can help as we struggle to get our head around the new ‘normal’ that will be our life for the next while. Being independent folks it’s hard to say “YES! I need help!” so these are a few things that will be a struggle for us as we help Joshua get through treatment.

Joshua’s Mum has set up a Go Fund Me page for those in the USA, and Joshua’s aunt in New Zealand has set up a Give A Little for New Zealanders and that would like to help with medical, transport or, more importantly, helping knocking things off Joshua’s bucket list.


UPDATE: we are through the worst of the everyday treatments and now mainly down to just one trip a week to the hospital

We don’t have a crazy amount of fridge or freezer space so it’s a bit hard to store too many meals, but if you would like to help out with a gift card for meals from Hello Fresh that would be amazing. We can put in our order for when we know we need it on the crazy weeks. Some areas of research shows sugar free / vegetarian is good for cancer patients, so either box works for us – email to use: Or course, we won’t say no to other options either!

We will be completing a 45 mile round trip to the hospital 5 days a week for the foreseeable future – we  hopefully have some resources through the hospital to help with this, but as we understand its limited to the period of radiation and we will be having visits at least once a week if not more for 12mths.

I’ve had some requests for things You can send for Joshua to do to keep his spirits up: Steam / Amazon gift cards/ Ideas for his Bucket List.

If you feel so inclined to send a gift card to help out here’s a few of the places we eat / shop / gas up locally:

Gas: Shell / Conoco / King Soopers

Groceries: King Soopers / Safeway / Whole Foods

Food: Panera bread (opposite the hospital) / Chili’s / Starbucks / Dazbog coffee is in the hospital / Hello Fresh (above). We eat lots of local places but try to stay away from greasy fast food chains when possible.

And of course, there’s the option of a generic gift card that we can use at any of the above.

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