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1/2017 UPDATE: With health changes there are a few things Joshua will tire easily doing, or have difficulty with. So I’m going to work on a new Bucket list with him to update here over the next few days.

Tour the South Island of New Zealand (Mum’s suggestion : a camper van or car/caravan trip around the South Island then we can do the kiwi camping thing at the beach, mountains… Everywhere, rather than hotel to hotel (we like to camp))

Have a ‘family reunion’ while in New Zealand ( Make a Wish made this happen  3/16)

Family Portraits before he loses any hair. (Donated by ICS – Tony’s employer)

Fire on something in a tank – or at least be in one/watch one doing maneuvers. ( 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson hooked Joshua up in ways we couldn’t have expected! )

Visit Germany to see the big WW2 Museum there.

And also visit Peter Jackson’s WW2 exhibit at Te Papa when we are in NZ. (We got to see both Gallipoli exhibits while we were in Wellington! 3/16)

Drive / be driven in a Lamborghini around a race track. (Completed 9/12/2015 at Pikes Peak Raceway with Xtreme Xperiences)

Tattoo – specifically something Maori / tribal. (Having to wait for a bit for this. Not good while in treatment. Heebee Jeebee’s in Co Springs might be helping with this.) (Done!)

Learn to make the best buttermilk biscuits. (The Denver Biscuit Company completed this item with Joshua spending a morning in their Tennyson St location. )

To pet a Kiwi (but since you aren’t allowed to do that, maybe go behind the scenes and see them behind the glass) (Joshua actually got to pet a 25day old chick, AND hold a Tuatara – both are endangered species! At the Otorohonga Kiwi House)

Getting to see behind the scenes at a zoo.

Spend a day with a Vet (not sure if large animal or small yet – Kelli Suarez has a contact)

Ride a horse. (In process with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Mounted division)(Done!)

Fly in a balloon out at Chatfield Reservoir. (Fantasy Balloons took Joshua up on 10/17/15 – a lovely crisp, clear morning! )

Learn how to make armour / swords

Learn how to fire a handgun at the range ( Thank you! Colorado State Troopers / Douglas County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team)

Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity – We have a contact for this

Learn how to ski – water or snow (not sure this is possible still, as Joshua just might not be up to it)

Go see Panic at the Disco or One Republic in concert

Go to Game-Con aka E3

Meet the Bohemia entertainment design/development crew
List to be expanded… 🙂


Your suggestions:

Beach holiday / summer holiday with friends

Ride an elephant in Thailand 

Milk a cow

Drink a keg

Whitewater rafting Does Black Water tubing count??


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  2. Hi everyone, Because it’s less of a journey for Josh if he was tired from the treatment, we thought of something Al and I both really loved. We hired a mustang and drove down Vegas strip – not sure if it’s Josh’s thing but there’s also a great ranch there where you can ride an old cowboy trail (just outside Vegas).

    If he’s up for Europe, London, of course!

  3. Hi, seeing Josh wants to travel the South Island, I thought it would help if he researches some travel sites, or watched the Bare kiwi Facebook page, to work out if there is an adventure he definitely wants to do while here, like the jet on the shotover river or mining for gold in arrowtown, hotpools in hamner etc. take care

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