July 8.1

Up from bed! Not about to run a marathon… But possibly a trip to the toilet

Adam, today’s ICU nurse reports that Joshua is doing remarkably well to be asking to be up in a chair and moving around.

Now, if we can get him to eat…

up after 1st surgery 7-8-15

July 8

Carolyn Stuart and I have made it back to the hospital.

Tony Hetherington reports general grumpiness this morning for Joshua Hetherington, and the uncomfortable sensation of finding out he’d had a catheter in during surgery.

Peeing has now become the obsession du jour…

His face is swelling up – to be expected really. We’ve been warned his eye might swell shut for a day or two as well.

The arterial monitor is out which means his BP settled overnight.

An MRI is our next step for today. That’s when we will find out if Dr Osterdock needs to go back in for remnants.

Then it’s the pathology waiting game and getting Josh on his feet.

July 7.6

Docs been here – not what she expected at all. Potential for a second surgery is moderate – high (from what I understood). Tumor was mushy, not hard and delineated as the MRI showed and more involved with the brain around it. No clue as to what it is/was until full pathology comes back.
MRI tomorrow to see if she got all of it.